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SaltDogg® Spreaders


Made with durable materials like stainless steel and polyethylene that will never rust

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Product Details

SaltDogg’s line-up includes walk-behind spreaders, pickup truck spreaders, tailgate spreaders, municipal spreaders, and more. Walk-behind salt spreaders feature high quality stainless steel gearboxes and rugged tires. Hopper spreaders for pickup trucks are packed with features; many models include stainless steel inverted Vs, internal baffles, and vibrator kits to keep your material flowing. Intuitive in-cab controls make it easy to optimize your material usage for any application. Tailgate salt spreaders are the best salt spreaders for Jeeps, SUVs, and smaller pickups – they’re easy to attach and remove as necessary, and they don’t take up space in the bed of your vehicle.

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